Why UVC?

UVC Light

On average, 1.7 million HAIs are reported each year; of these, an estimated 1.2 million were avoidable, according to the CDC. Fortunately, there is an infection prevention tool available that prevents the spread of HAI – Ultraviolet (UVC) disinfection.

UVC disinfection uses UV light to penetrate pathogen cell walls and render them unable to replicate. The best UVC solutions deliver measurable doses that show the exact length of time and intensity required to kill specific microorganisms that cause infections. Once a room is properly treated with UVC light, dangerous pathogens can’t reproduce or spread.

Ensuring your UVC solution delivers the measured dose, along with bundling UVC technology with traditional manual cleaning, is the most effective way to reduce HAIs in ER and patient rooms.

Infection Control Throughout Your Entire Organization

Infection Control Throughout Your Entire Organization

People spread infections in hospitals; and equipment, surfaces, door handles and bedding are all popular landing spots for HAIs. Deploying a UVC system in a high-risk area like the OR will decrease the risk of HAIs spreading, but truly controlling the outbreak of infection throughout your entire hospital takes a holistic approach.

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