The Future of Infection Prevention Technology : UVC Light Disinfection

The Future of Infection Prevention Technology : UVC Light Disinfection

Staying on top of infection prevention technology

The Centers for Disease Control reports US hospitals have managed to reduce infections caused by a number of notable pathogens, such as C.Diff. Unfortunately, hospital infection prevention (IP) leaders still cannot rest. While significant strides toward reduction in several pathogen rates is hopeful news, infection prevention leaders cannot rest until the number—for all HAIs—is 0%.

To increase their chances of winning the battle, IP professionals must stay on top of the leading technology and techniques available to combat MRSA, pneumonia, Norovirus and other deadly infections. Here are just some of the tools available to IP leaders.

Monitoring Technology

Hospitals are incorporating smart sensors that help ensure employees are compliant with hand hygiene and cleaning protocols. The technology enables supervisors to monitor behavior, track performance, and make adjustments to increase compliance.

Comprehensive Cleaning

While cleaning and sanitizing patient rooms and treatment areas is vital, these are not the only areas that should be covered. Increasingly, hospital staff is aggressively cleaning visiting rooms, waiting areas and other parts of a building that are sometimes neglected in IP strategy.


Doctors and nurses know IP procedures backward and forward. However, if preventing HAIs is the responsibility of everyone on staff, then all staff should be well versed in their responsibility in IP strategy. Hospitals are introducing training programs that leave no staff behind.

High-Tech Compliance

HAIs exact great costs—in terms of human harm, and in the dollars spent to treat infections that could have been prevented with more diligent efforts. UV disinfection technology has shown to be an effective, efficient and user-friendly way to target and destroy pathogens.


RD UVC Mobile System and RD-Fx™ Fixed Mount System are the only UVC systems that measure, record, and report the UVC lethal dosage to ensure disinfection.

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