Cost Effective Infection Prevention – UVC Disinfection

Cost Effective Infection Prevention – UVC Disinfection

Effective IP Strategy Saves More Than it Costs. 

Maximize Disinfection Efficacy and Cost-Savings

Hospital leadership at every level often is charged with maintaining a balance between conserving costs wherever possible, and increasing the efficiency of their departments. Any technique or technology that enables them to achieve both at once offers significant appeal. 

HAIs cost US hospitals up to $45 billion each year—a huge expenditure that could be avoided if infection is prevented. A study in the American Journal of Infection Control indicates that an effective IP strategy saves a hospital more than it costs. 

How to Save Time and Money Keeping Patients Healthy

The RD UVC system is one solution that makes it possible for hospitals to mitigate expenses while also offering improved performance and efficiency. The American Journal of Infection Control also reports using the RD UVC technology to achieve a 20% reduction in C.diff cases alone could save a hospital approximately $1.365 million in associated costs each year.

Additionally, the effective and efficient disinfection performance the RD UVC affords enables hospitals to boost their throughput with no risk to patient safety. The technology enables staff to reduce the presence of deadly pathogens and return the room to service in a relatively short amount of time, especially compared to other technologies. For example, a reflected light system would take approximately 57 minutes to treat a patient room for C. diff and return it to service. By contrast, the RD UVC system would take approximately 13 minutes to perform the same task because it leverages a proprietary pause and reposition functionality. Environmental services staff can measure – in real-time – how much of a room is being disinfected and then pause/reposition RD UVC to ensure every surface is being given the proper UVC dosage to kill harmful microorganisms.  This means the RD UVC disinfection system empowers your EVS team to treat up to four times more rooms in the same amount of time. Faster throughput means greater profitability for your hospital, making the technology worth your investment.


RD UVC Mobile System and RD-Fx™ Fixed Mount System are the only UVC systems that measure, record, and report the UVC lethal dosage to ensure disinfection.

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