Operate with a precise level of clean with UV Disinfection.

The RD UVC System is the only UV light disinfection system on the market that measures, records, and reports the UV effective dosage delivered to targeted areas of rooms, lobbies, office spaces, and any other environment targeted for disinfection.

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How UV Light Disinfection Works

The RD UVC System is the only UV system to deliver and measure the actual effective UV dose received in a targeted area of interest needed to reduce harmful pathogens.

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No estimates. No guesswork. Just the right UVC dose, every time.

Reaches Shadowed Areas

Proper UVC dosing reaches targeted points of interest, including those in shadowed areas, so you can be sure that targeted surfaces are disinfected.

Confirms Completed Disinfection

Utilization data you can view on your tablet lets you know which rooms have been treated – by whom, how often, and the time spent per room – for assured-dose UVC disinfection.

Saves Treatment Time

The system’s proprietary “pause and reposition” feature significantly reduces treatment time.


Measures The Right Lethal Dose

Patented, wireless remote sensors confirm that the RD UVC System delivers the right amount of total UVC light to kill pathogens in targeted areas of the room.

Records Comprehensive Data

The RD UVC System allows you to see real-time job status on browser-enabled tablets. It also captures and stores comprehensive records via an on-board computer, and then automatically sends your data to our secure cloud.

Reports in Real-Time

You can access your data in real-time, online, with industry-leading IN-TRAK™ infection-tracking software via your tablet or desktop computer.

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