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Fixed-mount light. Ultra-fast disinfection.

The RD-Fx™ UVC System delivers an ultra-fast, properly effective UVC dose for killing harmful pathogens when disinfecting your dental office, or any other space – without having to be moved or positioned with each use. With the RD-Fx™ UVC System, rooms can be disinfected between patient cases in as little as 2 minutes.

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How It Works

The RD-Fx™ UVC System features a patent pending, Sure-Safe™ remote calibration sensor that measures the UVC output from the RD-Fx™ UVC System light fixtures at a targeted location in the room. The Sure-Safe™ sensor confirms that the required UVC dose has been delivered to the targeted areas in your space and that each RD-Fx™ UVC System stores the calibrated dosage profile for future disinfection treatments. Calibration of the system is simply performed by your staff as often as you like, but recommended at least once every 180 days.

Critical information like date, time, operator, room number, cycle time and delivered dose is captured by our In-Trak™ Infection Control Software.

The RD-Fx™ UVC System joins the family of RD™ UVC Disinfector Systems — the only UVC systems that measure and confirm that the published UVC dose necessary to kill pathogens has been delivered. The RD™ UVC Disinfector Systems are the only scientific dose, measurement-based systems on the market today.

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RD-Fx™ UVC System key features include:

Fixed-Location Placement

One-time, initial installation – by any licensed electrician using the RD-Fx™ UVC Installation Manual and Steriliz team support – means there’s no need to position fixtures with each use. Light fixtures are mounted to the wall or ceiling depending on the room. Two RD-Fx™ UVC System fixtures are typically used per room – depending on the size and treatment time desired.

High-Tech Linear Fixtures

Feature highly polished, precision tuned reflectors to maximize UVC output and minimize treatment time, thereby keeping your room available for use more of the time.

Patent Pending Remote Fixed Sure-Safe™ Sensors

A patent pending remote wireless calibration sensor ensures the total amount of UVC light delivered from the fixtures is equal to, or greater than, what is required to inactivate the targeted pathogen.


Ultra-Fast Treatment Time

A location-specialized UVC dose is quickly delivered to target life-threatening, HAI pathogens and disinfect an entire room with higher efficacy. Rooms can be disinfected in as little as 2 minutes, minimizing downtime between patient cases.

Real-Time, Online Data Capture

Critical information including date, time, operator, room number, cycle time and delivered dose is captured via In-Trak™ Infection Control Software

Touch-Screen Control Panel

The user-friendly control panel is located outside the room for safe operation of system.

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