USA Today Article: Combating Staph Infections

USA Today Article: Combating Staph Infections

USA Today’s recent article on the healthcare industry’s challenges to reduce or stop staph infections highlighted the fact that 249 U.S. hospitals had no cases of the most dangerous form of staph infection, MRSA, during a 12-month period. If these hospitals were able to stem the spread of this dangerous infection, how come so many other facilities struggle to do the same?

The first step is having a comprehensive infection prevention plan that is understood and fully adopted by all hospital staff. Lack of compliance with IP protocol is directly linked to infections and death. Once planful awareness and monitoring are in place, mitigation can be put in action. As noted by the American Journal of Infection Control, combining traditional manual cleaning with UVC technology as a “bundled” approach is one of the most effective way to significantly decrease HAIs, such as staph.

The RD UVC System is the only UVC system on the market that measures, records, and reports the UVC lethal dosage delivered. RDUVC measures actual UVC dosage using multiple sensors throughout the room vs. just using time based UVC exposure. The system also automatically captures and reports disinfection data, ensuring your IP team has the proof of compliance data it needs for efficacy reporting.  The system is also highly user-friendly – with the patented pause and reposition feature, the RD allows for more direct UVC exposure and higher efficacy throughout the room environment.

USA Today quotes Leapfrog CEO Leah Binder: “Anyone who says MRSA can’t be prevented need only look at the hospitals with zero MRSA infections” Steriliz agrees. An effective IP plan and the right IP tools can help every U.S. hospital follow the lead of the 249 institutions that eliminated MRSA infections.

Learn how you can Perform and Infection Control Gap Assessment, read 5 Tips for Incorporating UVC into your IP Plan or request a demo of RDUVC today.