Show Me The Evidence!

Show Me The Evidence!

Check out RD UVC’s Steven Baiocchi’s interview from a recent Healthcare Purchasing News article on the importance of proving efficacy with the best IP solutions.

According to Steven Baiocchi, COO, Steriliz ’s RD UVC is the only system able to measure the UVC dose achieved at the targeted areas of interest, a feat accomplished by patented wireless sensors. “There will be fluctuations in time necessary to achieve this delivered dose, based on the dynamics of the room, i.e., size, shape, color, shadows, etc. The UV sensors take the guesswork out of determining where the UV light goes or, just as importantly, where it does not go.”

Baiocchi stressed the importance of doing your homework before purchasing a room-disinfection system. He also outlined features to look for in a system. “In a day of evidence-based medicine, value-based purchasing, and the drive toward delivering high-reliability health care, technology choices should be carefully researched. Critical features should include the dose, the need for dose-based performance to achieve virus, bacteria, and spore eradication; time, the need for efficient and rapid room turnover, to ensure throughput is not adversely affected; measurement, the ability to measure that the dose set on the device is actually delivered to the targeted areas.

“Remote UV sensors allow for real-time job status via browser-enabled devices, utilization-data availability, and pause-and-reposition functionality, for faster throughput and assured dose delivery.” Baiocchi believes that these features make the RD less expensive to purchase, less expensive to operate, faster, and more effective.

Baiocchi pointed to published studies to support his claims. “The RD UVC is clinically proven to be the fastest and most effective UVC disinfection system available. The R-D method of UVC measurement produces higher inactivation efficacy while being much faster. A four-year case study at a 528-bed hospital in New York yielded a 56 percent C. diff reduction and greater than $8 million in cost avoidance.