RD UVC Needed to Slow Down Deadly Fungus

RD UVC Needed to Slow Down Deadly Fungus

Nearly 300 patients have died within 90 days of contracting an infection from a deadly superbug, bringing to light the growing need for hospitals and IP teams to have effective infection prevention plans, processes and tools in place.

Candida Auris, described as a “form of hearty yeast” found in patients’ ears, lungs, urine, skin and blood, was discovered in 2009, and recently made its way to New York, New Jersey and Illinois. The CDC has issued a Clinical Alert to Healthcare Facilities warning about C. auris after receiving reports that the pathogen is now killing patients in hospitals worldwide.    

C. auris has a high level of resistance to standard anti-fungal treatments and it spreads through infected patients. It can survive on surfaces even after cleaning. Hospitals, nursing homes and other medical centers are its ideal breeding grounds. Once the virus is located, it’s difficult to kill without a powerful disinfectant or cleaning system, like ultraviolet (UV).

UV light kills dangerous microorganisms that are exposed to UV light for a specific length of time and intensity. The RD UVC measures actual UVC dosage using multiple sensors throughout a hospital room, and the system also automates calculations and maintenance, ensuring IP teams have the data it needs for efficacy reports to government auditors and payor partners.

The RD Rapid UVC Disinfector is the only UVC system on the market that measures, records, and reports the UVC lethal dosage delivered.

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