Contagion Live Article: Fighting C.diff The Proven Way

Contagion Live Article: Fighting C.diff The Proven Way

A recent Contagion Live article​ outlines the shortcomings of many UV cleaning methods in combating Clostridioides difficile.  When it comes to fighting any healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), especially those as deadly as C.diff, choosing the right UVC technology is paramount.

Frequent, proactive use of UVC helps reduce the pool of pathogens in your hospital environments.  However, the technology only proves effective when it delivers the exact dose necessary to kill the specific microorganisms that cause infections.  RD UVC is the only system that confirms the actual lethal UVC dose is delivered, proving compliance with IP protocol.

A Clostridium difficile Spore Inactivation Study Using Ultraviolet-C Energy conducted by Moog Medical Devices Group (MMDG) Life Science Laboratories sought to determine inactivation rates for Clostridium difficile spores using ultraviolet-c (UV-C) energy generated and measured by the RD™ UVC System and its remote “challenge devices” sensors.  The study scientifically confirmed that the RD UVC technology was highly effective in reducing C.diff spores on contaminated surfaces. In fact, the RD UVC system is the only mobile UVC disinfector to date that has used a microbiology laboratory to verify and publish a third-party study using quantitative UVC doses to effectively kill C.diff.  The system works by measuring actual UVC dosage via multiple remote sensors placed throughout a hospital environment. It also automates calculations and utilization, ensuring IP teams have the proof of compliance data it needs for efficacy reports required by government auditors and payor partners.

Consider incorporating RD UVC technology into your organization’s infection prevention strategy.

To see how RD UVC works in eradicating C.diff and other harmful pathogens, schedule a demonstration today.

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