Workplace Infection Risks are Evolving According to CDC Report

Workplace Infection Risks are Evolving According to CDC Report

A New Report from the CDC

For years, Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) have been a pressing issue at healthcare facilities throughout the country. Of the 1.7 million HAIs reported each year, nearly 100,000 end in death. And while most hospital’s IP plans focus on patient safety, a new report published by the CDC and highlighted in an article in Contagion Live looks at risks to employees.

The CDC report finds 66 investigations of workplace infection cases between 2006 and 2015. The study heightens the need for effective infection control systems to protect the healthcare workers that, in turn, deliver care to patients.

The RD UVC System

The RD UVC system is the only system available that measures, records and reports. It uses proven, patented remote sensors that measure and ensure delivery of published UVC doses at all points of disinfection every time. IPs can access data in real time, online, with industry-leading IN-TRAK™ infection-tracking software via a tablet or desktop computer.

The most advanced UVC system available to IPs, the RD UVC system automatically captures and reports disinfection data in real time, ensuring IP teams have the proof of compliance data it needs for efficacy reporting. Implementing IP tools, including R-D Rapid UVC, can help minimize staff-wide infections.

Learn how you can minimize staff and patient infection rates by incorporating UVC into your IP Plan and request a demo of RDUVC today.