Dosing in the Dark? Use an Enlightened Approach to Maximize UV-C Disinfection Efficacy.

Dosing in the Dark? Use an Enlightened Approach to Maximize  UV-C Disinfection Efficacy.

A relatable similarity

It’s a beautiful weekend afternoon. You’ve been marinating succulent chicken breasts for a couple of hours. Now it’s time to pop them on the grill. Cover and cook for 15 minutes on each side and you’re good to go. Or are you?

Without using a meat thermometer to accurately measure the internal temperature of the breasts you can’t be certain that it’s not undercooked and there are no food-borne pathogens that could make for a bad outcome. Potentially turning your grilling adventure into a misadventure – or worse.

UV-C disinfection efficacy in the Healthcare Workspace

Likewise, when verifying UV-C disinfection efficacy. Rolling a mobile UV-C unit into a room, after manual cleaning and disinfection protocols have been completed, setting the timer, flipping the switch, and walking away while it does its job is certainly convenient. But simply relying on the prescribed run time per pathogen without accurately checking to confirm the delivered dosage is less than optimal.

True, some manufacturers use a dosimeter card to monitor dosage efficacy. But what level of assurance can be had through the use of a primitive $5 card to verify that a $100,000 UV-C system has done its job? Clearly, certainty cannot be bought at that price. Equally clear is that a “good-enough” approach is bound to deliver undesirable outcomes eventually – outcomes that can be detrimental not only to the health of a patient but the financial health of the hospital as well.

The Best UV Dosage Done Automatically

The surest way to determine that the maximum effective dosage has been delivered is through the use of more sophisticated measures. Ideally, dose-based monitoring, utilizing remote sensors that measure the amount of UV-C light delivered to a targeted area will ensure that the correct dose to kill the targeted pathogens is delivered.

Steriliz’s RD UV-C System does exactly that, using their patented wireless remote calibration sensors to measure and ensure delivery of published UV-C doses have actually been delivered at all targeted points of disinfection. Its dose-based monitoring and metrics-driven data tracking provide the capability to pause and reposition the unit to accurately target shadowed areas requiring additional disinfection.

It is proprietary technology that delivers the most effective UV-C dose in the shortest period of time, ensuring patient safety, and minimizing room turnover and FTE resources.

Learn more about the Steriliz RD UV-C System. See how it can help you dispel disinfection
uncertainty by illuminating the shadows and ensuring dosing efficacy.