Thinking Holistically Can Reduce HAIs Throughout Your Entire Hospital

Thinking Holistically Can Reduce HAIs Throughout Your Entire Hospital

Imagine you could see an HAI as it flies and weaves through your hospital departments, under the doors, in between the cracks in the walls, landing on door handles, bedside tables and instruments, waiting to join its next host. When an HAI spreads, it’s hard to stop, and can quickly affect an entire hospital. Considering that a hospital worker can see up to 15 inpatients in a day, and HAIs plague up to two million patients each year…it’s no wonder IP teams should take a more holistic approach to infection prevention that involves all departments. So, what does a holistic approach look like?

Bundled Cleaning Solutions

UVC disinfection is the most important tool for any facility to use in its infection control protocols; however, bundling with other solutions like hand hygiene, real-time location systems, strong communication, and staff vaccinations will help fight the spread of infection across all departments.

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Buy In from all Departments

A hospital’s infection prevention plan can only reach maximum effectiveness when all departments are on board with the infection prevention program. Every patient encounter throughout the care continuum presents all healthcare workers with an infection prevention opportunity, and an organization’s culture may need to shift from thinking that only infection preventionists are accountable for infection prevention.

Multi-Room Control

Utilizing IP techniques in all hospital rooms ensures maximum protection from the spread of harmful infections. Deploy your UVC system and other IP solutions in the OR, ER, all patient rooms, public spaces and across all departments.

Infection Control Throughout Your Entire Organization

Infection Control Throughout Your Entire Organization

Learn the most effective ways to combine your cleaning solutions and more details about how a multi-faceted and holistic approach can help reduce HAIs throughout an entire organization in our free whitepaper.

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