Performing an Infection Control Gap Assessment

Performing an Infection Control Gap Assessment

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are a major issue for hospitals and healthcare institutions. On average, 1.7 million HAIs are reported each year. Of these, an estimated 1.2 million are avoidable, and roughly 100,000 of those cases result in death according to data from the Centers for Disease Control.

Our Ebook, “Performing an Infection Control Gap Assessment,” discusses how an effective gap assessment and IP plan is achieved, and how your Infection Prevention (IP) team and Environmental Services (EVS) should collaborate with hospital administration to ensure the plan is operational.

Ebook Topics

  • What an Effective Gap Assessment and IP Plan Should Contain
  • Identifying Solutions and Eliminating Problems
  • How to Evaluate Costs and Calculate ROI
  • The Keys to Performing Quality Reporting

Learn how to implement and manage effective infection control and perform an infection control gap assessment today.

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