Improve Infection Prevention & Increase Revenue

Improve Infection Prevention & Increase Revenue

Exceed past IP standards in Operating/Procedure Rooms

In any given year, an estimated 22.5 million surgeries are performed in operating/procedure rooms according to the CDC. And while having an outpatient procedure is relatively safe (patients are admitted to hospitals during only 2% of visits), there are still risks posed by healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), especially in the current healthcare environment. As ambulatory surgical and nonsurgical procedures inch towards being the most predominant in the country during one of the largest infection disease crises in history, it’s critical that leadership understands the role of IP in improving throughput and revenue while keeping patients safe. Now more than ever, operating/procedure rooms need to have a flawless cleaning and disinfection plan in place.

Safely controlling and managing the increased flow of patients in a busy outpatient surgical center is one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare administrations today. While more patients are a good thing for your bottom line, inefficient patient throughput leads to fewer patients getting the care they need and an inefficient use of resources and assets for your organization—which can lead to a net loss in revenue. Today’s outpatient surgical center environment is characterized by a clash between increasing patient demand, the need for safer IP procedures, and limited physical resources. Improving and optimizing inpatient throughput is essential to maintaining a smoothly operated healthcare center.

Deploying UVC systems in ambulatory settings can speed up throughput by preventing harmful infections from spreading, allowing patients to have safer procedures and surgical room turnover to happen more quickly. Bundled with traditional manual cleaning and sterilization, UVC technology increases the effectiveness of a dental office’ IP protocol by harnessing ultraviolet light to target and destroy pathogens that can potentially harm patients. Studies have confirmed that UVC light is an effective addition to manual cleaning efforts and can kill harmful pathogens quickly and efficiently. Exposure to UVC light for a specific length of time and intensity kills dangerous microorganisms. The American Journal of Infection Control notes that combining UVC technology with manual cleaning is one of the most effective ways to significantly decrease the pool of harmful pathogens that cause infection.

Patients put their trust in outpatient surgical centers to keep them healthy and safe. Now more than ever it is critical that ambulatory centers of any size ensure that infectious diseases do not spread from surface to surface, room to room, and between patients. Effective IP is a clear driver behind faster throughput and increased revenue for operating/procedure rooms. The best UVC disinfection system is a key element in the IP toolbox.

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