How to Train New Healthcare Workers to Battle Infections

How to Train New Healthcare Workers to Battle Infections

A Growing Industry

Employment in healthcare occupations is projected to grow 16 percent by 2030, adding 2.6 million new jobs. With so many new people in healthcare, it’s imperative that the industry build clear protocols, awareness campaigns, comprehensive training, and an underlying culture of infection prevention (IP) to ensure patient safety. Central to these solutions is demanding that staff members at all levels understand, support, and innovate IP practices throughout any healthcare system. Training new workers on the best IP protocols in every part of your healthcare facility can maximize disinfection efficacy and keep people safer.

Bundled Infection Prevention Approach Training

New healthcare workers might not have been trained yet on how a comprehensive, bundled approach to disinfection can significantly improve IP measures. Ensure new staff understands that manual cleaning and disinfection is a key element of a bundled IP approach. Effective cleaning with an EPA-approved disinfectant of environmental surfaces and patient care equipment is a fundamental piece in breaking the chain of infection in healthcare. Research suggests IP efficacy cannot rely on manual cleaning alone to fully eradicate pathogens and deter HAIs. This is where further training on the efficacy and usability of UVC disinfection solutions is critical.

UVC Technology Training

While not every healthcare worker might use or even see UVC systems throughout their facility, they should all be aware of how they work and what preventative measures they provide for patients. Bundled with traditional manual cleaning and sterilization, UVC technology increases the effectiveness of IP protocol by harnessing ultraviolet light to destroy HAI and community-spread pathogens. The increased focus on limiting pathogen spread means any staff member might get a question about how their facility ensures disinfection efficacy. Staff should be versed in these key UVC points to help demonstrate the organization’s commitment to IP:

  • Proper UVC dosing reaches all points of disinfection targeting including those in shadowed areas
  • The best systems leverage patented, wireless, remote sensors that are able to confirm the required amount of total UVC light has been delivered to eradicate pathogens
  • Easy-to-use systems mean that staff can see that targeted areas have received proper disinfection dosage between each patient, effectively and efficiently delivered using the “pause and reposition” feature
  • IP stakeholders are able to access comprehensive job data and proof of compliance throughout the facility

Hospitals, outpatient surgical facilities, dental practices, VA health providers, and long-term care facilities are going to see record spikes in workers over the next decade. Advancements in IP operations the industry has taken must be imparted to this new crop of professionals so disinfection efficacy can continue to improve. Contact us to improve upon your facility’s approach to IP and learn more about UVC solutions.