How Location-Specific IP Protocols Will Prove Critical in the Coming Year

How Location-Specific IP Protocols Will Prove Critical in the Coming Year

Infection Prevention in 2022

Infection prevention in 2022 is likely going to be marked by transformation. According to Deloitte’s Global Health Care Outlook, the past years’ events are accelerating change across the industry and forcing health systems to quickly adapt, pivot and innovate. Key trends in the new year will include the increased awareness of the impact of touch screen contamination, more meaningful data analytics in care, and the demand for faster disinfection methods. Of particular interest to IP and EVS teams is how location-specific IP protocols will continue to evolve over the coming year. 

IP practices are not a one-size-fits-all solution for differing health delivery locations, staff, or patients. Not all rooms are the same shape and size, so IP protocol needs to be specific to each room. Further, according to a McKinsey study, the number of patients using telehealth increased from 11 to 46 percent in 2020, with growth likely to continue. Given these realities, future IP solutions will need to be more aligned to a specific location, patient population, or community need. UVC tools are particularly effective at addressing this challenge in healthcare environments.

UVC radiation is a known disinfectant for air and nonporous surfaces. UVC systems address variables such as room shape and other obstacles that might prevent areas from being disinfected. The right UVC system should have a “pause and reposition” feature that helps operators ensure every area of the room has received optimal dosage. It should use remote sensors throughout a room that measure and ensure delivery of published UVC doses at all points of disinfection every time. It should also deliver ultra-fast UVC without having to be moved or positioned with each use. A UVC system with these features is perfect for location-specific infection prevention because the disinfection process is custom to each room.

Get Ready for This Year’s IP Challenges

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, HAIs and community-spread pathogens had long been a major issue for the healthcare industry. Healthcare facilities regularly seek new strategies, such as location-specific IP, to prevent infection. Healthcare leaders must be ready to combat the next infection risk while also mitigating known pathogens.

Infection Prevention Prognosis 2022

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