How Fixed UVC Disinfection Systems Help Compensate for Broken Staffing Models

How Fixed UVC Disinfection Systems Help Compensate for Broken Staffing Models

A Personnel Problem

The labor shortage that currently plagues all sectors of the economy is also reflected in a healthcare workers shortage. Specifically, hospital staffing shortages continue to be a significant problem across the healthcare industry, especially the ongoing nurse shortage. It’s a challenge made worse by the ongoing impact of COVID-19 which, among a myriad of issues, has created a backlog of elective surgeries and procedures deferred during the pandemic.

These deferred procedures continue to keep hospital operating and treatment rooms working at full capacity. The difficulty of meeting this demand is exacerbated by the seemingly perpetual staffing shortages. While there is no single answer to what is causing the labor shortage, it’s effects can be profound.

Consequently, the health care staffing shortage has severely strained the ability of staff -who are already stretched far too thin – to execute efficient, timely room turn arounds without compromising on the complete and thorough disinfection of facilities.

This is where fixed mount UVC systems can offer critical assistance helping to ensure a higher level of UVC disinfection protection in between patient cases/procedures and reduce the potential for staff and patient exposure to harmful pathogens while optimizing patient throughput.

A Simple, Staff Saving, Fixed UVC System Solution

The placement of a fixed location UV system is uniquely configured to the specific characteristics of each room, a customization which helps to ensure maximum disinfection coverage of a targeted area. Coverage so thorough that, after completion of routine manual surface cleaning, a rapid room disinfection process can often be achieved in less than two minutes.

A fixed mount UVC installation also eases some of the staffing strain because it does not have to be moved or positioned with each use. Full time staff are free to engage in other critical tasks as they are not needed to transport the units into the room before, reposition during, or remove after the disinfection process is completed in between patient cases/procedures.

Additionally, a system such as the Steriliz RD-Fx UVC provides for remote measurement of the delivered UVC dose, tracking treatment data, monitoring of effectiveness, and the ability to share data with other necessary stakeholders. This results in faster room turns and improved patient throughput – maximizing room use, productivity, and revenue potential.

These are some of the factors which make an RD-Fx UVC fixed mount system ideal for installation in OR’s, treatment rooms, procedure rooms, and outpatient surgical facilities. Helping ensure the delivery of quality patient care and safe, successful outcomes – all while easing the staffing crunch. To learn more, watch this 90-second video: