Effective Infection Prevention Starts With Strong Leaders

Effective Infection Prevention Starts With Strong Leaders

Infection Prevention Leaders

One of a hospital’s most useful weapons against HAIs: your IP team leaders. Before you can set a course toward effective pathogen prevention, you need to determine who those leaders are. Choose leaders with the right level of expertise, knack for collaborating, and strong commitment to keeping infection rates low as possible, or your IP efforts could fall short.

True, IP is the responsibility of everyone on staff, and all should be on board. Effective IP leaders help increase awareness of the overarching responsibility. With these people heading up your strategy, IP is transformed from a concept staff knows of a cause they all believe in. 

To choose great people for IP leadership responsibility, managers should look for certain qualities and experience in hospital staffers. Here’s a checklist to guide your search.

  • They already hold leadership positions. Department heads, compliance officers, nursing leaders and other people in higher-level positions are excellent candidates.
  • They have clinical expertise. Years of experience and education can serve to inform staff members and equip them with the perspective necessary to head up IP strategy.
  • They excel at collaboration. Successful IP strategy requires a team effort—therefore, your IP needs strong team players at the top.
  • They’re supported by a capable EVS team, and their staff. If the staff you’re considering already has strong support in place, they’re already on their way to solid IP leadership.
  • They aren’t afraid to innovate. Improvement can’t happen if staff fears change. IP leadership should be willing to explore technologies like UVC systems, especially if evidence suggests such moves would benefit your hospital.
Empowering IP Champions

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