CDC: Reduce Risk from Surfaces

CDC: Reduce Risk from Surfaces

Surfaces Are a Key Component of Environmental Cleaning

A recent CDC report on reducing HAIs reinforced that surfaces are a key component of environmental cleaning. If your organization is going to tackle IP and bring HAI rates down, it is vital to come up with a surface-disinfection plan that is easy to implement, comprehensive, and effective. The key to efficacy in this area is monitoring your IP strategy and strict adherence to disinfection protocols. 

According to the report, the following should be included in the protocols for IP monitoring:

A powerful way to succeed at IP is to incorporate UVC disinfection into your plans. Exposure to UVC light for a specific length of time and intensity kills dangerous microorganisms. However, given the CDC’s report, it’s critical that your chosen UVC solution accurately measures the right lethal dose of pathogen-killing UV light on all surfaces of your ER and patient rooms. RD UVC is the only UVC disinfection system that measures, records and reports the UVC dosage delivered—in real-time—ensuring you have the proof of compliance data needed for potential government reporting and communication to patients. Critical information like date, time, operator, room number, cycle time and delivered UVC dose is captured to ensure proof of compliance  throughout the environment being disinfected. The powerful, cloud-based reporting system provides accountability and compliance reporting. 


The Steriliz team can help you determine the right IP solution for your healthcare organization and work with you through every step of the process.

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