CDC Acknowledges Coronavirus is an Airborne Threat

CDC Acknowledges Coronavirus is an Airborne Threat

Updated CDC Public Guidance on Coronavirus

According to the New York Times, the CDC has updated public guidance about how the coronavirus spreads, emphasizing that transmission occurs by inhaling very fine respiratory droplets and aerosolized particles. This is especially relevant for the healthcare industry during interactions within procedure and patient rooms. 

With the CDC’s report that Coronavirus can remain infective for up to 16 hours in respirable-sized aerosols, healthcare facilities should focus on both surface and air as possible areas of concern and mitigation efforts. There are different strategies, procedures, and infection prevention solutions that address airborne and surface pathogens. Understanding the physical confines in your facility can also help – how do patients and staff move throughout the area; where are “hidden” areas that might have airborne risks, but are not disinfected as regularly; how do you limit spread between areas?  

With the surge in awareness of pathogens and associated infections in healthcare environments, due in part to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is a significant need for improved disinfection of procedure and treatment rooms both after each procedure and on a continuous basis. With a comprehensive, strategic, and holistic plan in place, IP tools can decrease both airborne and surface area spread rates. Leveraging tools that offer evidence-based protection is the best way to address IP. The RD-Fx UVC System is uniquely positioned to address both surface and airborne bioburdens and help keep patients and workers safe in patient and procedure rooms. By disinfecting both surface areas and potential aerosolized pathogens, RD-Fx ensures patients remain safe when in your care.

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