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UVC Disinfection on High-Touch Surfaces in Hospitals

High-touch surfaces can be prime sources for contracting Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). If these surfaces aren’t disinfected, they could transmit bacteria to healthcare workers’ hands and, in turn, they could potentially pass these harmful pathogens on to patients.

Key Infection Prevention Roles in the Healthcare Industry

IPC is an evidence-based approach that prevents healthcare workers and patients from being harmed by avoidable infections.

Using UV Light in Medical Facilities

In today’s healthcare environment, hospitals need to choose technologies that can be measured and are able to provide the data needed to show proof of UVC dosing and compliance.

Manual Cleaning & UVC Disinfection: How to Maximize Both

Disinfection in addition to traditional cleaning methods is the best way to help ensure a cleaner, safer environment. According to the FDA, UVC radiation is a known disinfectant for air and nonporous surfaces.

How to Complement Existing EVS Cleaning Protocols with UVC

Environmental Services (EVS) teams play a critical role in a hospital’s infection control efforts. Supported by hospital administrators and Infection Prevention (IP) leaders, EVS groups are responsible for deploying infection prevention measures that serve as a first line of defense against the spread of disease.

How Faster Environmental Disinfection Can Increase Revenue

While there are many strategies to optimize patient throughput, the critical role of speed in disinfection practices has taken on new meaning in the current climate since it is a key evaluation metric when implementing disinfection solutions.

Ensure the Right UVC Dose in Your Healthcare Facility

In order to successfully tackle IP and bring HAI rates down, it is vital for healthcare facilities to ensure their disinfection procedures are actually working.

How to Design Healthcare Facilities to Combat Infections

Many hospitals and other healthcare facilities are investing in new designs that not only enhance patient experience and ease staff burden, but also make these spaces safer by maximizing infection prevention features.

How to Reduce Cross-Contamination and Prevent Infections

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) can easily spread by touching pieces of contaminated equipment and by not washing hands after contact with bodily fluids. If a surface is left uncleaned, it can easily become a source of cross-contamination.