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How Fixed UVC Disinfection Systems Help Compensate for Broken Staffing Models

A Personnel Problem The labor shortage that currently plagues all sectors of the economy is also reflected by a healthcare workers shortage. Specifically, hospital staffing shortages continue to be a significant problem across the healthcare industry, especially the ongoing nurse shortage. It’s a challenge made worse by the ongoing impact of COVID-19 which, among a […]

How UVC Disinfection Can Benefit Long Term Care Facilities

Who Lives in Long Term Care Facilities? Long term care facilities are for patients who require 24 hour medical care and monitoring. Patients who live in these facilities are often elderly or are recovering from serious medical events such as heart attack, stroke or cardiac surgeries. The Importance of Protecting Long Term Care Patients from […]

Does UVC Disinfection Reduce the Presence of C.diff?

The number of C.diff infections has decreased in recent years because of improved prevention measures, such as UVC disinfection. Prevention measures are critical because 1 in 11 people over the age of 65 diagnosed with a C.diff infection die within 1 month.

How to Prevent Cross-Contamination in Hospitals

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) can easily spread by touching pieces of contaminated equipment and by not washing hands after contact with bodily fluids. If a surface is left uncleaned, it can easily become a source of cross-contamination.

Why Cleaning Surfaces is Not Enough to Kill HAI

Infection Prevention Control (IPC) teams and Environmental Services (EVS) teams need to ensure that their infection control methods are effective at killing harmful pathogens that cause HAIs.

How UVC Disinfection Can Help Prevent HAI Outbreaks

Healthcare-associated infections are infections that patients can get while they’re receiving healthcare for another condition. They can be caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, or other pathogens. They can happen in any healthcare facility, including hospitals, surgical centers, and long-term care facilities.

The Benefits of Using UVC Disinfection in Hospitals

UVC radiation has effectively been used for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria and harmful pathogens. When bundled with manual cleaning and disinfection protocols, this technology significantly helps to reduce the presence of harmful pathogens.

How to Minimize Room Turnover Time Between Patient Procedures

Optimizing patient throughput is essential to maintaining a well-operated healthcare facility. Inefficient throughput leads to fewer patients getting the care they need along with a wasteful use of resources—which can lead to a net loss in revenue.

Chemical Disinfection & UVC Disinfection Defined

In today’s healthcare environment – including hyper awareness of virus transmission risk – hospitals need to choose technologies that can be measured and are able to provide the data needed to show proof of UVC dosing and compliance.