Capital Investment in IP Can Yield Long-Term ROI

Capital Investment in IP Can Yield Long-Term ROI

Leveraging capital investments to lower overall hospital costs is one of the most important factors in today’s value-based care environment. Investing in effective infection prevention tools is a smart strategic decision for hospitals’ end-of-year expenditures. With a comprehensive, strategic, holistic plan in place, IP tools can decrease HAI rates and represent long-term ROI for any hospital’s capital expenditures

Capital investments are often one of the largest line items in a hospital’s annual budget so these expenditures must make fiscal sense in the long run, providing cost savings from other areas of the budget. Treatment of HAIs can incur significant costs. Between the direct, indirect and non-medical social costs, HAIs rack up an estimated $96 billion to $147 billion at hospitals annually. By contrast, the CDC reports that diligent, effective IP efforts can slash an institution’s ICU costs by between $163,000 and $175,000 per patient for just two of the most common HAIs (CLABSI & VAP). 

Because investment in UVC technology avoids having to spend thousands, if not millions, associated with treating often-preventable HAIs, capital investment in UV technology can greatly strengthen a hospital’s bottom line for years to come. For example, AJICl reports that even a 20% reduction in C.diff cases as a result of the technology used by the RD UVC system could save a hospital $1.36 million each year.

The RD UVC System

RD UVC is the only UV system that measures the actual UV dose received in a targeted area of interest needed to kill dangerous pathogens. Seize upon this time of year to evaluate your hospital’s capital expenditure to invest in a cost-effective tool that protects patients, manages expenses, elevates care and achieves greater efficiency. 

Capital Investments

Capital Investments in a Time of Value-Based Care

Learn what other factors should be considered for your hospital’s capital investments and how to make the most of your end-of-year spending by downloading “Capital Investments in a Time of Value-Based Care” or contact us to schedule a demo of the RD UVC system today.

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