Boost Throughput Without Sacrificing Patient Safety

Boost Throughput Without Sacrificing Patient Safety

Hospital leadership must constantly walk a fine line between optimizing patient throughput and protecting patient safety. How can an organization cost-efficiently treat as many patients as possible without dangerously cutting corners?

UVC Disinfection

Implementing the right UVC system can ensure your Environmental Services (EVS) team increases efficiency and attains cost savings without sacrificing patient safety. By reducing the pool of dangerous, deadly pathogens quickly and effectively, UVC technology empowers hospitals to return disinfected rooms and treatment areas back to service in a relatively short time. Faster turnaround means greater cost efficiency, which can mean increased profitability. RD UVC takes approximately 13 minutes in a typical patient room vs. 57 minutes for reflected light systems, allowing your EVS team to treat up to four times more room in the same amount of time. 

How UVC Can Help Mitigate Hospital Expenses

A study in the American Journal on infection control cost savings shows how effective UVC technology can be in helping hospitals mitigate expenses. When one hospital added a UVC system to their disinfection strategy, the institution slashed incidence of C.diff by 56%, saving more than $8M in costs. 

Even if a hospital only reduced C.diff infection rates by 20%, and accounted for startup and operational costs after implementing UVC, researchers found the technology could still result in nearly $1.4M in reduced healthcare costs each year. These savings can occur in a number of areas, including labor savings, reduced need for disposable equipment, reduction in ER diversion time, OR case cancellations, and more. 

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