3 Ways to Prevent Infections at Military Base Medical Facilities

3 Ways to Prevent Infections at Military Base Medical Facilities

More than nine million veterans are served each year by the Department of Veterans Affairs and military health care facilities include 1,074 outpatient sites and 170 VA Medical Centers. This makes our nation’s military healthcare network one of the most pervasive throughout the country and positioned to be a leader in reducing the number of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) reported each year. Experts say that 55 to 70 percent of all HAIs are preventable so understanding how to combat infections at military base and other medical facilities is critical. 

3 Ways to Prevent Infection at Military Base Medical Facilities

#1: Take a Bundled Approach 

Combining different IP approaches is one of the most effective ways to decrease the pool of harmful pathogens that cause infection HAIs at a military medical facility.  Specifically, bundling manual cleaning with UVC technology can help prevent infections from today’s most dangerous pathogens including coronavirus, CDiff, and streptococcus. UVC technology uses UV light to penetrate the cell walls of bacteria and viruses and render them unable to replicate. Dangerous pathogens can’t reproduce and spread after being treated with UVC energy. Bundling your manual cleaning efforts with UVC disinfection is the combination needed to more effectively fight infection.

#2: Ensure Disinfection on Surfaces and in the Air

With the CDC’s recent report that Coronavirus can remain infective for up to 16 hours in respirable-sized aerosols, military leaders need to consider disinfection of not just surfaces, but the air in their facility as well. The best infection prevention systems address both surface and airborne bioburdens and help keep patients and workers safe in any military health office settings.

#3: Choose Tools that Offer Proof of Efficacy

The best UVC solution measures actual UVC dosage throughout the room versus the less-accurate estimated time-based systems that only rely on length of exposure. This is a critical difference when trying to prevent life-threatening infections.  Instead of relying on staff to evaluate efficacy before and after cleaning, your UVC partner should offer actual proof of compliance back to your IP team. RD UVC and RD-Fx are the only UVC disinfection systems that record and report a calibrated dose delivered—in real-time—ensuring you have the proof of compliance data needed for potential oversight audits. Critical information like date, time, operator, room number, cycle time and delivered dose is captured to ensure delivery infection preventing UVC doses throughout the space.


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