2022 Healthcare Trends to Watch

2022 Healthcare Trends to Watch

A Year Marked By Transformation

Infection prevention in 2022 is likely going to be marked by transformation. According to Deloitte’s Global Health Care Outlook, the past years’ events are accelerating change across the industry and forcing health systems to quickly adapt, pivot and innovate. In terms of IP, healthcare organizations will need to continue their focus on mitigating, if not totally eliminating, facility and community-level pathogen spread. To do this, industry leaders will need to focus on key trends for the upcoming year including: 

  • How the growing healthcare workforce can become fully engaged and aware of IP protocols
  • How general awareness and attention to disinfection ingredients will impact healthcare
  • Why healthcare leaders must rely on IP methods with proven efficacy 
  • How the demand for faster disinfection models will affect which IP solutions are selected 
  • Why value-based care and the public’s increased focus upon community infection rates will necessitate an increased focus on data 

An Ongoing Issue in the Healthcare Industry

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, infections – both HAIs and community-spread pathogens – had long been a major issue for the healthcare industry. Hospitals, outpatient surgical facilities, dental practices, VA health providers, and long-term care facilities regularly seek new strategies to prevent infection with effective, efficient tools that are proven to work. Healthcare leaders must be ready to combat the next infection risk while also mitigating known pathogens including MRSA, C. difficile, and the current Coronavirus strains. Ensure your facility is up-to-date on infection prevention trends and ready to address tomorrow’s infection risks through a reassessment of your processes, procedures, and IP solution investments.

Infection Prevention Prognosis 2022

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