Monthly Archives: November 2021

How Location-Specific IP Protocols Will Prove Critical in the Coming Year

IP practices are not a one-size-fits-all solution for differing health delivery locations, staff, or patients. Not all rooms are the same shape and size, so IP protocol needs to be specific to each room.

2022 Healthcare Trends to Watch

Ensure your facility is up-to-date on infection prevention trends and ready to address tomorrow’s infection risks through a reassessment of your processes, procedures, and IP solution investments.

The Best Disinfection Methods for Military Healthcare Facilities

Deploying the best UVC hospital room disinfection system can strengthen the infection prevention plan for any site that serves military personnel, defense and homeland security staff, TSA agents, and the healthcare providers that work in these facilities.

Effective IP Starts with Strong Military Healthcare Leaders

One of a military medical facility’s most useful weapons against harmful pathogens: infection prevention team leaders. While every military healthcare team member is responsible for patient safety, effective IP leaders help increase awareness and set the tone for a culture of infection prevention.