Evidence-Based IP Solutions

Evidence-Based IP Solutions

Organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide infection prevention guidelines to healthcare providers. These guidelines often call for evidence-based solutions; those proven to work through standardized trial data. To address this, hospitals are turning to technology that provides IP proof. UVC disinfection is one evidence-based solution, but ensuring the specific device chosen has been proven effective is critical. 

The proper dosage of UVC light — for a specific length of time and intensity — can be used to quickly and efficiently disinfect operating rooms, emergency departments, and other high-traffic spaces within a hospital. The most effective UVC system will measure the actual dosage of UVC delivered to targeted areas throughout a room. This enhances efficacy when compared to time-based UVC exposure. RD UVC systems also automatically capture and report disinfection data so that IP teams have proof of the solution’s effectiveness. This evidence is a crucial piece of documentation in an infection prevention plan.

Ensuring the device selected has been used in clinical trials should be a key decision driver when investing in UVC. A recent AJIC study shows that Rochester General Hospital saw a 56% reduction of their crude C difficile infection (CDI) rates compared to New York State risk-adjusted rates between 2011-2015 when using the RD UVC system. RGH also saw a 46% reduction between 2012 and 2015 when all available portable equipment was put in rooms for UVC disinfection, and unit common areas were terminally cleaned. Evidence-based data also shows that proven methods of disease prevention empowers hospitals to save money. One study showed that a 20% reduction in C.diff cases using RD UVC could save the average hospital more than $1.3 million annually in healthcare costs.


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Today’s healthcare environment demands that hospital leaders take a multi-pronged approach to their infection prevention efforts. Selecting partners that have evidence-based data to show IP results is the best way to accomplish your disease prevention goals.

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