A Hospital’s Best Tool to Kill Harmful Infections

The Only Hospital Disinfection System That Delivers a Measurable UVC Dose

According to the CDC, 1.7 million hospital patients will battle an HAI. Now more than ever, healthcare leaders must ensure that infectious diseases don’t spread within a hospital. RD UVC is the only UV system specifically designed for hospitals that measures, records and reports the UVC lethal dosage delivered to each part of any OR or patient room targeted for disinfection. No estimates. No guesswork. Just the right UV disinfection, every time.

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The RD UVC System:


Reaches shadowed areas to ensure complete UV surface disinfection


Confirms and reports complete disinfection through just-in-time data capture


Saves time with its proprietary “pause and reposition” feature to more efficiently disinfect every surface


Measures the right lethal dose through patented, wireless, remote sensors the deliver the right amount of UVC light to eradicate viruses, bacteria and spores


How The RD UVC System Works

Find out how RD UVC’s expert team can help your hospital combat harmful pathogens including Covid-19 with the most advanced UV system.

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