Proof. Delivered.

ONLY the RD™ UVC System can confirm that the actual lethal UVC dose is delivered to targeted areas, thereby providing the proof of compliance that you demand.

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APIC 2019

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Operate with a precise level of clean.

The RD UVC System is the only UVC system on the market that measures, records and reports the UVC lethal dosage delivered to each part of your OR.

R-D Rapid Disfinfector

Targeted Area of Interest

The RD UVC System will deliver the proper UVC dose to kill harmful pathogens when disinfecting an operating room, patient room or any other area.

Measure UVC Dose

The remote sensor "challenge devices" measure UVC light intensity to determine that the proper dose has been emitted from the RD UVC System.

Real-time Reports

Get real-time, on-line data access and analysis with industry leading IN-TRAK™ infection tracking software.

Eliminate Guesswork

Gain assurance knowing which rooms are treated, by whom, how often, and the time spent per room.

Why UVC?

Dangerous microorganisms that cause hospital-acquired infections die when exposed to UV light for a specific length of time and intensity, which equals a measured dose.

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