Inactivation of the multi-drug-resistant pathogen Candida auris using ultraviolet germicidal irradiation

Reliable disinfection protocols specifically designed to inactivate C. auris are essential, as many chemical disinfectants commonly used in healthcare settings have been shown to have variable efficacy at inactivating C. auris.

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UVC in the News
RD UVC Disinfection Technologies Announces Partnership with The Leapfrog Group

RD UVC Disinfection Technologies, a division of Steriliz LLC, today announced its partnership with The Leapfrog Group, an independent national watchdog organization of employers and other purchasers focused on health care safety.

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UVC in the News
Dale Medical, one of the first to install permanent UV-C fixtures in the OR

At the beginning of the pandemic, Dale Medical invested in RD-
UVC Mobile systems to disinfect patient care spaces from Covid.
True believers in the technology, a year later, Dale Medical
decided to invest in RD-Fx™ UV-C Fixed Mount Systems for all
three of their OR suites in the surgery center.

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